overview of the world association for sustainabledevelopment

Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) are considered amongst the most effective means to enhance growth and socioeconomic development of nations. The acquisition and use of science and technology are critical for the achievement and sustenance of food security. In most countries, there is a wide separation of research and development (R&D) from production, which reinforces the preference of firms for foreign technology. The gap is widened further by a lack of functioning network of communications between governments and scientists on the one hand, and industries and technology users on the other. With few exceptions, the technological gap between the developed and developing countries, continues to grow. In simple terms, sustainable development (SD) refers to maintaining development over time. However, there are more than three hundred definitions of SD in the literature. Although the concept of sustainability is not new, it is the political and economic context in which it is applied that defines its saliency. The idea of sustainable development encapsulates the reduction of vulnerability of the human condition, poverty and welfare issues, social justice, and environmental protection, as well as economic growth and equitable distribution of its gains. For SD to be meaningful it must encompass all issues about science, innovation, technology, research and development, information technology and e-commerce, economic development, health, Foreign Direct Investment, Multinational Corporations, international debt, aid, trade, politics, war, natural disasters, population growth, terrorism and so forth. The responsibility for achieving sustainable development is global and rests on both the developed and the developing nations. Therefore, we must think globally but act locally. We must also ensure that we pass on to future generation at least as much environmental wealth as we inherited.


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