preventing historical urban fabrics

By: Nadia Abdel Hadi Rrfat

Planners has been working to resolve the inherent conflicts between rapid urbanization and the conservation of cultural heritage., the original fabric of the old cities usually contains many cultural and historical properties, and at the same time major streets should be widened and improved and upgraded basic urban services while also conserving valuable cultural property in the heart of the old cities


Old urban fabrics can be developed carefully, after establishing plans, the local

 authorities can require developers to make improvements to the area, such as , cleaning up the water and upgrading landscaping, maintain the roads, and infrastructure ,the attitude toward the developers is aptly described in the old Chinese saying,

Let the cow eat grass, but make it work hard.”

Experiences show that conservation of cultural heritage can be effectively integrated with urban development to create a city that is both livable and dynamic. The following are principles to be followed:

 First: Definition of the Conservation zones with clear boundaries

Second: to establish strict regulations on development, which is one of the most effective tools planners have to protect the scale and character of traditional neighborhoods and combat the loss of historic urban fabric

Third: Restrictions and Limitations in heights and densities for old historic fabric

Fourth : At the same time: develop totally new zones, and make easier regulations and less land value, to direct developers and people to move automatically into the new settlements


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